You can find this calendar within the following file:

intranet disk enseignement/ano/CI2019/Organisation/Calendrier_planification_2018-2019 - ANO-CPO_v?.pdf

This lecture is given by Mrs Virginie Franquet-Deswarte from Company d2m Engineering.

This lecture is given by Mr Gaël Cailleaux from Company Entrepose.

Risers, mooring, umbilical. This lecture is given by Mr Hervé Quintin from Company Subsea 7.

This lecture is given by Mr Vincent Cocault-Duverger of Company Saipem.

Geotechnics concerning offshore Oil & Gas platforms; theory and fundamental concepts, foundation types, soil investigation.

This lecture is given by Mr Régis Wallerand of Company Subsea 7.

This learning activity is managed by Mr Pierre Bidaud; Reading scientific and technical articles on offshore oil & gas issues and solutions, in order to enhance students knowledge on offshore oil & gas engineering.